About Us

The quality of life in Florida is probably one of the best in the country. It’s exactly what we, here in Tangible Karma, fell in love with. The sultry summer and countryside vibe is the perfect atmosphere to relax and reflect on your life goals. As a life hack blog, we want to impart with you our experience and insights about living in FL. We also want to share tips on how to achieve success in your own little ways.

What we do

We know that the world is a taxing and competitive arena. But as days go by, we have to realize that we are becoming stronger. No matter how little progress you make, it’s important to remember that it’s something to celebrate. We got so buried on the daily stresses that we fail to recognize that we are becoming better versions of ourselves.

Here in Tangible Karma, we want you to quit saying “Someday!” We will help you reach your goals “Today” so “Tomorrow” would be a brighter future. No matter if you’re a hopeful millennial or a retiree seeking to find new ventures, we have life hacks for you.

It’s your success that we think of

We simply don’t preach our hacks, we also see to it that you can relate with us. Our team wants to listen to your musings and be part of your success. Through our resources, we hope that you’ll find a way to achieve new things. It’s more than the tips to be successful in life. We also aspire to inspire you to choose a better mode of living.

For us, success starts by accepting yourself before you accept others. It may sound philosophical, but self-awareness is the strongest foundation you can have whatever career you are in.

From your yoga class to Florida homes, it’s tough to make decisions. But we want you to know that we’re here to back you up with encouraging words and tried-and-tested tips.

Fast Facts:

Is Tangible Karma for me?

If you’re looking for life tips you need to know, indeed, this blog is for you. We’re not evangelists but we’ll try to connect with you on different levels. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re welcome here. We hope that you’ll pick something useful along the way.

What inspired you?

Our inspiration: To feel and to be successful in real life. It’s not just about posting your travel goals in FL. We want you to feel the satisfaction of actual success. That’s a bit of a challenge, but we try to achieve it, one life hack at a time.

What’s in this corner of the internet?

Life hacks, tips, personal experience, quality of life in Florida, and so on. It’s a one-stop site for inspiration and ideas. Feel free to use what you want. All we want in return is a word about your results no matter what it is. It will help us improve our suggestions so it will serve more people in many ways.

Explore. Nourish your mind. See results. That’s what Tangible Karma is about.